Speciality Insurance

Collections Insurance

We can craft a competitively priced policy for your most prized collections – fine art, jewelry, antique furniture, wine, vintage cars, and more. Each item will be covered regardless of its location in the event of damage due to fire, theft, earthquake, flood, and breakage. In addition, new acquisitions are immediately covered at the time of purchase even before you officially add them to the policy.

Boat Insurance

Our boat insurance offerings include policies for every type boat – from sailboats and tenders to speedboats and luxury yachts. The coverage options include physical damage, liability, medical payments, uninsured watercraft, personal property, towing, and crew. Even though the basic elements of a boat insurance policy remain the same between carriers, several important differences exist such as the different between agree value hull coverage and total loss settlement endorsement.

Recreational Insurance

Do you have a personal watercraft, off-road vehicle, motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel? We can provide insurance for it. Most of these toys need additional coverage because they are not adequately covered under your homeowners or auto policies. The special policies will give you peace of mind for a low annual premium.

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